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15 minutes

what is a fig shot?

This is our Fig name for small intramuscular doses of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to help supplement your nutrition.

Only about 30% of the nutrients you get from consuming fruits and veggies get absorbed through your digestive system. What’s more, many supplements, juices, and smoothies contain high amounts of natural and added sugars.

Our Fig Shots contain a blend of nutrients including amino acids, vitamins and/or minerals in a vitamin B12 base. When injected directly into your muscle tissue, these nutrients bypass the digestive tract and become 100% bioavailable, meaning your body can immediately use them. You may even taste the nutrients within seconds of getting a shot — that's how fast they travel!

treatment details

Your Fig Shot blend will be recommended based on your specific health concerns after a consultation with one of our Naturopathic Doctors in the privacy of your own pod. Shots are administered in the upper arm or glute depending on what’s comfortable for you.

Our Naturopathic Doctors and Doctors are experts at intramuscular injections, so Fig Shots typically cause little to no pain. However, everyone’s tolerance is different. If you stay calm, are well hydrated, and have eaten within two hours of receiving your injection you should feel fine. We’ll position you properly and guide you on how to relax for a comfortable experience.

need a boost?

Add a Fig Shot to any treatment for $20 (regularly $35).

before you arrive

We recommend that you have a light snack or meal 30 minutes prior to treatment.

downtime + effects

You should feel the benefits of your Fig Shot for about a week, but the effects vary between people. 

If you're taking a medication or supplement that thins your blood, this may increase the risk of bruising from a Fig Shot. Other reasons for bruising include, but are not limited to: thinning skin, vasculitis, purpuric dermatosis, platelet deficiency, liver disease, vitamin K deficiency, vitamin C deficiency, moving your body during the injection, or dehydration. 

You may experience pinpoint bleeding where the needle pierces the skin, but it will be minimal and subside within a few seconds. It’s our policy to cover the area with a band-aid even if it’s not necessary.


Brighten your glow with this potent antioxidant.



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