Overnight Hydration Gloves

Overnight Hydration Gloves


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These 100% organic cotton overnight gloves concentrate the moisturizing benefits of our hand creams when worn overnight, revealing soft, hydrated hands, youthful hands.


1) Apply hand product(s) at night. 2) Apply gloves and wear them while you sleep. 3) Remove gloves in the morning and reveal soft, hydrated, youthful hands.


100% Organic Cotton


PAUME’s founder, Amy Welsman, became hyper-aware of germs following the birth of her first child. Without the opportunity to wash her hands as often as she’d have liked, she turned to conventional hand sanitizers. Quickly realizing that most of these products were harsh on the skin, smelled terrible, and used unappealing packaging, Amy was inspired to create PAUME — a unique, effective, nourishing formula with packaging that’s both elegant and sustainable.